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Network Readiness Testing

Unified Communications (UC) and Collaboration applications are becoming more and more popular and in demand by users. Many organisations are struggling with Skype for Business deployments (and other UC / collaboration applications).


Simply adding these services to existing networks often doesn’t end well, especially if users are connected via WiFi.


Most infrastructures will support UC / Collab tools but they need to be configured / tuned to deliver these services effectively.


Anovanet offer a service to test your network in readiness for these services and re-configure infrastructure as required to ensure effective delivery of these applications.

How The Service Works


Anovanet deliver software agents at strategic points in your network and datacenters.  These agents simulate calls and measure the quality of the connections. The agents then deliver the results to our analytics engine. The network agents remain in your network for approximately 7 days gathering quality information. At the end of the testing, a report is produced highlighting any issues. We will also perform a full WiFi survey at this point if applicable.


A report is delivered and the results are discussed with the customer and any remediation required takes place.


Following remediation works, the testing above is repeated to ensure results.


Remediation usually consists of configuring WiFi, switches, routers and WAN circuits to support the requirements by enabling end-to-end quality of service and ensuring the WiFi is operating as efficiently as possible.


Depending on the size of your infrastructure, the testing element of the service usually requires approximately 6 man-days (12 days elapsed time). The remediation element is very variable depending on requirements but in practice seems to be between 3 and 8 man-days.


At the end of the service, you will have detailed reports on the performance of your infrastructure (including WAN suppliers) and a network that will deliver your UC / Collaboration requirements.


To get a quote or simply discuss your issues, chat below, email or ring 0292 166 0707.

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